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leading brains is at the forefront of applying brain science to business interventions: training, development and consulting. The science of the brain is showing us new paradigms and powerful methods to deal with those business issues that involve human beings be they leaders, employees or customers.

leading brains has developed methodology that is simple and powerful and solidly founded in science and business theory.

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Public Workshops

leading brains Academy has developed workshops targeting the latest science of the brain and behavioural elements in three broad business areas:
Experts in neuroleadership using insights from the brain to leverage leadership capabilities. Using simple and powerful models solidly anchored in science to tap into the best possible performance of human brains. Workshops specifically designed for leaders, HR and CEO's.
Decision Making
Decision making is a crucial element of business leadership and the more senior the leader the larger the impact. This influences investment choices, hiring choices and not to mention diversity and innovation.
We have codeveloped the SCOAP Coach integrated theory of coaching based on neuroscience principles (book to be published by Springer end of 2014). One of the first fully integrated coaching models and based on understanding of the brain, emotional needs and motivation.

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Leadership Development

leading brains works with organisations and other leadership development organisations globally to deliver effective, sustainable leadership development programmes for major organisations deeply rooted in scientifically founded principles of effective interventions. These programmes draw on experience, realism, personal and corproate contexts and stages of corproate development. each organisation needs leadership development programmes targeted at their culture, competencies and stage of leadership development.

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Human SCOAP Profile ©
The human SCOAP-Profile measure fulfilment of basic human needs in the workplace. This is a powerful leadership tool showing where to intervene with each individual and highlighting on what dimensions each individual is motivated.
This is based on our work into basic human needs as presented in our book "Neuroleadership: A journey through the brain for business leaders".

The profile is hosted online and there is a free version available - this is currently going through a scientific validation phase and you can take this version here.

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business planning


Most corporations operate in complex systems and have various oems of measurement, performance review, competency frameworks and different programmes and leadership development programmes in place. As consultants we analyse the whole system measure various human behavioural components and then propose a series of interventions that will help drive higher performance across the organisation.
These insights are based on the science of the brain and how these can be applied in complex human systems to drive results for organisations.
Our experience shows that a package of simple interventions and leadership interventions can have a dramatic impact on organisational performance not to mention sportive impacts on energy, health and motivation across the whole organisation leading to better results higher loyalty, more innovation and more effective decision making.

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