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leading brains is at the forefront of applying brain science to business interventions: training, development and consulting. The science of the brain is showing us new paradigms and powerful methods to deal with those business issues that involve human beings whether leaders, employees or customers.
leading brains has developed methodology that is simple and powerful and solidly founded in science and business theory.
leading brains runs the SCOAP Coach workshops training coaches in the neuroscience of emotional needs and coaching impact. An evidence-based meta model grounded in humanistic and biological sciences.
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Brain science enables us to look at brain activation patterns and then draw solid and concrete patterns for effective leadership. For example, we know how to counter fear, how to drive engagement and how to measure brain chemicals through questionnaires.
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We have co-developed the SCOAP Theory of human behaviour which measures engagement, performance and highlights the most effective, powerful and personal leadership interventions. A powerful organisational development tool.
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Neuroscience makes the science of leadership measurable and more effective. This also connects concepts of emotional leadership and points to when it will not be effective. This can be particularly effectively used in leadership situations such as:
change, creativity and innovation, culture change, transformation, crises.
Brain science enables us to look at brain activation patterns and then draw solid and concrete patterns for effective leadership:
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Leadership Development
Neuroscience for leadership impact
Integrated leadership combines classic elements of leadership development with principles driven by the latest research into science to give fully integrated leadership paradigms that answer some of the age old questions and issues of leadership.
Neuroleadership | Decision Making | Unconscious Bias | Internal Leadership Journey
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Executive Coaching
Science of High-Performing Brains
leading brains has developed the integrated SCOAP Coach Theory. This is an integrated evidence-based approach to effectively develop leaders. We can draw on an international network of experienced and qualified coaches.
Mastering Leadership | Mastering Change | Internal Growth
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Measuring where impact happens
Based on the latest in scientific research and the human elements that drive performance, we have a set of tools that can measure the effectiveness of teams and the unconscious and conscious areas that are inhibiting performance. Practical and intervention focused.
Team Performance Analysis | Situational Impact | Organisational Effectiveness
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Sustainable high performance
Health is an ever important area with stress and burnout levels continually rising costing companies billions per year. Measuring brain balance highlights immediate options for intervention and a set of, generally, simple to apply interventions.
Brain Balance | High Risk Spots | Organisational Interventions
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Measuring brain balance
SCOAP profile is recently developed tool with a solid scientific background that measures how satisfied core human needs are in the workplace. This is then matched to two different motivational drives to give action patterns. It highlights personal drives and levels of positive and negative chemicals in the brain.
Personal Profile | Team Profile | Leadership Impact Report

leading brains Academy
Public workshops + certification
leading brains Academy is the place where we offer public workshop on topics of the brain, leadership and coaching. We run workshops globally: Zurich / Bonn / Amsterdam / London / New York / Miami.
Neuroleadership | Unconscious Bias | SCOAP Coach
SCOAP Coach Site

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Andy Habermacher
Founder leading brains

Andy has over 20 years experience in corporate training and development. He is a Certified Master Coach, Author and International Professional Speaker.

Recent Publications:
  • A Case for Basic Human Needs in Coaching
  • The Neuroscience of Unconscious Bias
  • Neuroleadership: A Journey Through the Brain for Business Leaders
We partner with and provide content to a variety of professional and academic organisations:
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Leadership Development
Neuroscience for leadership impact

Developing leaders can focus on many aspects: personal leadership, gravitas, decision making, competencies, emotional intelligence and more. We have specialised on aspects of neuroleadership: tapping into the knowledge of the brain and human behaviour to develop concrete approaches for effective leadership. Our model of SCOAP gives an extremely solid and robust framework for effectively engaging the workforce and identifying individual core drivers.
Leadership is the lifting of a man’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a man’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a man’s personality beyond its normal limitations
Peter Drucker

At different levels of leadership different skills are necessary to drive success. Decision making is another key area of focus which can help drive effective strategy and key strategic decisions in the upper levels of leadership but also making simple investment decisions at other levels. The research into neuroeconomics has given us some insightful information of how human beings make decisions and the traps that we wall fall in to.

A key area of leadership is that of the personal and internal journey: the journey of constant development and constant improvement. Understanding your own drives and motives is core to this and the SCOAP-Profile© measures this effectively.


leading brains is an expert in applying brain science to leadership to drive effective leadership approaches:

  • Neuroleadership
  • Situational leadership
  • High potential development
  • Executive teams
  • Public workshops

Inner Journey

The inner journey of leadership is the continual journey for excellence and understanding. ’til great leaders will continually be developing at this level:

  • Personal drives
  • Personal motivation
  • Personal biases
  • Emotional motives

Decision Making

leading brains uses scientific based principles to understand decision making traps of human beings:

  • Strategic decision making
  • Financial decision making
  • Unconscious bias
  • Decision making traps

Executive Coaching
Science of High-Performing Brains

leading brains has developed the integrated SCOAP Coach Theory. This is an integrated evidence-based approach to effectively develop leaders. We can draw on an international network of experienced and qualified coaches.

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Mastering Leadership
Senior leaders are faced with ever increasing competition, speed, ambiguity and complexity. We help enable leaders to tap into themselves to master and lead through these challenges.

Personal Mastery
Promotion, change of role, company or country all bring about new leadership challenges. We help support leaders in growing their internal resources to be able to master new challenges.

Mastering Change
Change and transformation bring with them uncertainty, anxiety and resistance. We help enable leaders to tap into themselves to better lead and engage employees through uncertainty.

Measuring where impact happens

Team Performance Impact

An analysis of conscious and unconscious drivers in the team and how they are interacting together. Comparison to performance figures and organisational data.

  • Team measurement
  • Performance data
  • Interactional analysis
  • Focused interventions
  • Measurement of success

Organisational Effectiveness

Organisations can only be effective if they tap into the drives of employees. If this is fully aligned, the full energy and potential of an organisation can be realised. Often many organisations, unwittingly, damage employee’s needs causing disruption and ineffective organisational energy and focus. We can measure this and give focused organisational interventions for higher organisational performance.

  • Causes of disruption
  • Causes of conflict
  • Energy analysis
  • Organisational points of leverage

Situational Impact

Leadership happens in situations. This can be very different and give new challenges. transition, change, crisis, reorganisation. Our analysis will make sure we tap into the personal drivers of the individuals in the organisation and hence help to drive performance whatever the situation.

  • Personal measurement
  • Personal drivess
  • Most effective intervention points
  • Key drivers
  • Where the pain is
  • Blocking points

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Sustainable high performance

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Health is an ever important area with stress and burnout levels continually rising, costing companies millions per year. Measuring brain balance highlights immediate options for intervention and a set of, generally, simple to apply interventions.

The SCOAP-Profile© on one hand measures satisfaction and engagement and which motivational drives we are driven by. On the other hand it can also identify individuals with high stress and who are at risk of stress disruption. Based on this we, or the organisation, can intervene avoiding personal distress and additional costs.

The academic background of SCOAP is mental health and healthy systems. The five needs measured in SCOAP have been proven to be drivers for mental and physical well-being or the counter side: mental disruption and physical illness.

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Problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than are any other life stressor-more so than even financial problems or family problems.

leading brains Academy
Public workshops + certification

Public enrolment workshop in various international locations: Lucerne | Zurich | Bonn | Amsterdam | London | New York | Miami
See Academy side for more details.

1 and 2-day workshops introducing leaders to the concepts of neuroscience and leadership and how effective interventions can be designed.
Understanding the integrated leadership paradigms tapping into science, emotions and practical effectiveness to drive performance on the job.


The human brain / rewiring the brain / driving learning / transformational leadership / core emotional drivers / motivational patterns/ fear in the brain / organisational impacts / leadership interventions

Executive Decision Making
Making decisions is a core function of the executive. Yet the brain’s way of processing information leads it astray on many decision making task. The traps are numerous and common. They are also hard to see as they are directly linked to emotions and gut feeling. This workshop highlights the traps, the thinking patterns, and ways to counteract them.


Decision making traps / core thinking processes / the dark side of gut feeling / emotional biases / counteracting traps / physical substrates of decisions / most common faults

The Brain and Unconscious Bias
Learning how unconscious decision making leads to "predictably irrational" decisions as Dan Ariely put it. This also leads to unconscious bias which colours all of our decisions day in and day out - this leads to group think, restrictive thinking patterns and diversity issues. Simple practical and applicable to business.


Rationality / emotions in decision making / motivated reasoning / fear and its impact on decisions / unconscious bias / group think / predicting irrationality

SCOAP Coach Series

SCOAP Coach - Induction
SCOAP Coach is a fully integrated coaching model based on neuroscience and human emotional needs. Incorporates the latest in neuroscience, psychology and evidence-based coaching theory.
Based on our book (with Prof. Theo Peters and Argang Ghadiri) to be published shortly with Springer.

SCOAP Coach Advanced Certification
3-day intensive advanced course for certified SCOAP coaches. A deep dive into the brain mechanisms and personal and emotional constructs that drive coaching impact and help design effective coaching interventions.

SCOAP Coach Certification
The certification course. Extending the conceptual and practical knowledge of the brain and the basis of the SCOAP coach methodology. 3-day intensive course in international locations.