Assessments 3.0
Taking assessments to the next level.
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Click here to take the P6 Assessment for startups.
The P6 Assessment measures personality across 6 evolutionary domains and gives you a holistic view of your personality. You can match this to your startup team and traits that are particularly beneficial to startups.
▶︎ StartUps
▶︎ Education
▶︎ Engagement
▶︎ Feedback Sensitivity
▶︎ Emotional Drivers
▶︎ Unconscious Bias
Scientific Foundations
Built on behavioural neuroscience.
Unique Holistic Framework
Using a holistic human behavioural framework to consistently measure individuals.
Full Integration
All assessments are built on the same framework so they update each other and your core personality profile.

We are running numerous pilots assessing individuals in startup teams and the startup team themselves. Using our unique framework to give powerful insights and drive performance.

We have an educational pilot underway to measure traits of teachers and guide in their development. Similarly we will be launching a student pilot in November helping to build personality insights to students globally.

We have run many projects in multinational and large organisations to measure engagement, emotional drives and unconscious bias.

Human Brains
Driving Business Performance