innovating behaviour for business using personality 

mapping and coaching networks

raise quality

Through using best practice apply a professional and consistent recruiting policy. Get the best people, avoiding bad hires and ensuring long-term company fit while being able to quantify soft issues.

lower costs

Reduce the effort and cost of shortlisting and selection by using a consistent filter that scales across the organisation. Hire for future development understanding how to progress and with clear goals.

better decisions

A comprehensive and coherent policy towards assessment means deep and scaleable insight across the tiers of any organisation. The ability to apply analytics to this framework is crucial to better decisions & organisational success.

assessment framework

Most personality assessments are narrow and fragile, only showing a tiny snippet of isolated traits or snapshots of engagement. They can never be applied comprehensively or consistently, lacking a common framework. Our understanding solves this problem by providing a coherent approach to personality. Not unlike a common gauge railway that enables use by all sorts of trains, we can be applied across your organisation, smoothing the ride of your enterprise and increasing performance.

mapping analytics

Our assessments and coaching are largely provided digitally using our proprietary¬† insights into behaviour. This integrated approach across your organisation means your get deep insight consistently over time. This reduces friction risks within your teams and ensures a cohesive and aligned working environment for your talent. Coherent products that run on the same rails means a comprehensive and scaleable approach to your people, making sure they’re in the right place doing the right thing.

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