In previewing my material on heroic leadership for my upcoming webinar it struck me just how important the traits of heroes are in strange times such as these with a pandemic ravaging across the world and existential threat facing droves of people across the globe.

These heroic traits are based on research – as many of you know, all our work draws on scientific research. Scott T Allison, a leading hero researcher, calls the traits of heroes the Great Eight: eight traits that heroes are commonly described as based on his research. Not all heroes have all eight, but they have the majority.

All of the Great Eight are important in times of crises – that is after all when true heroes show themselves. But three that jump out are Smart, Caring, and Selfless.

  • Are you using your creativity and brains to find good solutions instead of using reflexive actions? Now is the time to be smart. Smart is not just intellectual but using your intuition and creative juices as well.
  • Are you caring for others particularly for those that have difficult looking after themselves? This applies in your business and in your community.
  • Are you willing to make selfless sacrifices, for your team, for those in your business, for your customers, for the community?

These are certainly three traits and ways of behaving that will define heroic actions in the coming weeks and months. It will be what will enable businesses to step up and become heroic or alternatively lacking these may lead to businesses being shamed. 

These traits will also enable new leaders to emerge – and missing them may be the downfall of others. 

Not least the world’s gratitude and thanks will be given to those who show these traits – with obvious note are the medical staff who are at the front line and have exhibited caring and selflessness in heaps. Thank you!

To learn more about these traits, the neuroscience behind heroes and how you can be more of an everyday heroic leader sign up to my webinar – massively discounted in times of crisis (and 20% donated to charity).

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