Be confident in your hiring, professional and  career  development decisions.

Pre-empt stress, burn-out, friction and blind spots.

Build and maintain the very best high performing teams and organisations.

Personality Mapping for Business

Increase quality & lower costs

Identify best hires quickly and lower costs while increasing quality.

Better decisions

More insightful information to make better decisions.

Shared direction

Create a common language aligning strengths for business goals.

Designed for Organisations’ Needs

Our specialised personality mapping tools give the additional support, in one unified framework, to improve search, hiring continual professional and personal development and well-being and engagement in the workplace

This will give you a competitive edge, improve quality, and enhance insights and reporting of employees across the organisation.

Performing Business Needs

Quality staff

Attract and select team members faster and with more accuracy, reducing time to hire, associated costs and risk of mis-match.

Continuous improvement

Have a unified method, language and set of criteria upon which to systematically monitor and evaluate the development of traits contributing to the achievement of organisational goals.

Shared direction

Augment a clear strategic direction with a shared understanding of the behaviours needed to create an effective and inclusive working environment.

Business Challenges

Competitive market

Establish your organisation as an employer of choice, contributing in a unique way to the professional & personal development of employees.

Meaningful insight

Replace multiple, disparate, assessments with one framework on which employees and teams of all levels and roles can map traits, values and strengths creating consistency in data and reporting.

Controlling costs

Protect your business from costly role or culture mis-matches which inhibit performance and reduce the return on your investment in development.

Business Suite

Attract & retain the best talent

Make informed decisions

Protect return on investment in people

Enrich relationships

Easy & Simple

Our multi-level reporting means that you can create a solution which perfectly fits the size, shape and maturity of your business. You can focus on one specific area of development or expand to give a total overview of the business or group and give individual level insight or those for a team as a whole. 

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