Well this is all a bit strange, isn’t it? For the first time since we started writing posts for your delectation and entertainment, I think I can almost guarantee that wherever in the world you are reading this from, we are all in the same place. At home.

Of course, at home is a very different experience across continents, countries and societies. I’m sure many of us have seen at least one of the eye-roll inducing, face-punch worthy posts from various celebrities. You know, the ones where they lounge in their jacuzzi, smoking a cigar, drinking champagne while their butler massages their pet velociraptor and Michael Buble is playing a private concert in the background while said celebrity patronizingly implores us to “Stay at home! It’s actually really fun”.

For the vast majority of us, staying at home is not quite the joy ride of the rich and famous. Some of us don’t have velociraptors and Michael Buble. Some of us don’t even have balconies or windows that open. Of-course we’re going to do it (I’m looking at you America…), it’s the only sensible course of action in slowing down the spread of the virus, but it’s not necessarily going to be fun. The reality of being quarantined or, at the least heavily restricted in movement, with your other household members, or alone, is that a lot of the time it’s not going to be OK. 

And that’s OK.

There is a huge amount of positive messaging, community spirit and all-round helpfulness, gratitude and good stuff happening at the moment. I love it, it lifts my heart. But there is another important message that needs to get out. We don’t have a frame of reference in our lifetime for what’s happening just now, we can’t compare it to anything and of course that’s going cause us to feel all kinds of ways. Insecure, scared, angry, despondent and a thousand other combinations that are subject to change at any moment. 

And that’s also OK.

There’s no right way to feel now and in the weeks and months ahead. Don’t let anyone tell you there is. There are good ways to behave, especially in terms of protecting ourselves and others, but emotions, not so much. The important message I wanted you all to hear today?

It’s really OK not to be OK.