So, February – widely considered to be the gloomiest month of the year – has now passed us by in a haze of division, arguments, disagreement and misunderstandings. The biggest harbinger of this February doom? Brexit? American politics? No. Valentines day.

Across the globe on each February 14th can be felt a collective, crushing disappointment as hopes of diamonds, exotic getaways and fancy watches are trampled by each slow-cooker, hand held vacuum and beard grooming set unwrapped. Perhaps you paste on a stoic smile, thank your beloved for the ‘wonderfully practical’ gift and move on. Or perhaps you fly into a terrifying rage hurling both insults and your ‘wonderfully practical’ gift at your other half’s head. Who knows. Regardless, the first immediate thought was probably “how could they possibly have thought this is something that would make me happy?”

In reality, it’s a huge expectation to have on another person, to be able to produce, on demand, something to make us happy. Many of us are still looking for the key to happiness for ourselves, never mind the nearest and dearest in our lives. How often do we really talk, or ask, about what really motivates us? What really drives us to do, discover and achieve things? What we need more or less of in our lives to be content or, dare we say it, happy? It’s not an easy conversation to begin, especially if we don’t have a starting point more productive than launching a Roomba at our partners head.

Now bear with us a little further as we extend this predicament into the workplace. If someone with whom you share a large part of your life can read your inner most desires so wrong, is it really any wonder that colleagues, managers and leaders sometimes say or do things which leave us open mouthed in disbelief all while expecting us to bask in their magnificence? If life really is about the quality of the relationships we experience along the way, shouldn’t we make more effort to really understand one another as best we can and try to make our interactions as positively impactful as possible?

Well at Leading Brains, we think so too. That’s why, this month, we’ve firmly got your back. If you’ve only ever been the lucky recipient of our individual reports, prepare to fall in love (stretching the Valentines metaphor a little too far…?) with our awesome new team/group reports. Whether a working group, small business, start up or family group this report is the ideal starting place to get your interactions working well. Each report maps the personalities of 3 to 8 people in a group, shows you your collective potential points of friction, blind spots, shared values and strengths and much much more. You’ll be able to see and talk about both how you complement each other as a group and also where you might need to work a bit harder to avoid misunderstandings and, perhaps most importantly, stress.

Still single this Valentines? Not to worry! We have something for you too. Our most detailed and in-depth report yet, our Gold report, will show you your detailed personality map upgraded to 64 traits rather than 34, allows comparison of your profile to specific roles or functions and also lets you ask for 3rd person feedback to be integrated into your profile. The all-important 3rd person feedback lets you see how your self-perception matches up with what it’s like to be on the receiving end of you. Cool, right?

Both of these reports are available this month with a special offer for our subscribers – a limited time discount on the team report and you’ll only pay the difference in the cost of the upgrade from the individual silver report to gold.

We’re certain you’ll find these much more productive than making projectiles of your ill-matched gifts and probably just as satisfying.

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