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Courses, Workshops, Webinars

Learn about the brain, neuroleadership, and science-based methods for improving business performance.

The Human Brain Knowledge Base

Free knowledge, downloads,  and references to all things the brain. Simple and accurate. Continually updated with latest research.

The Learning Brain

This side is focused on how the brain learns. Andy has developed a holistic model of how the brain learns. Interesting for leaders, trainers, teachers, and parents.


We have workshops, and assessments, that focus on how you as an individual can improve performance and get the best out of your brain.


We have workshops, and assessments, that are targeted at team performance, dynamics and interaction, to get the best out of your team(s).


We have workshops and assessment frameworks that are focused on organisational levels of performance, measurement and development.


We have a clear focus and expertise on the corporate space.


We have solid experience and done extensive research into the start-up space.


We have proffesional experience and robust data from the educational sector and have products targetted here.


We have products specifically focused on performance in the workplace.


We have unique proprietary models to increase leadership capabilites and effectiveness.


We show you where you can develop with our assessments and have products focused on developing your capabilities.

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