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leadingbrains – in focus

So we’re in the middle of a Pandemic and 20% of the global population has been locked down. Here in Switzerland we are in partial lockdown also.

This is therefore a critical time for our expertise of the brain and behaviour. This could be in decision-making, heroic leadership, innvoation, or knowing how the brain responds to crises situations and how to get the best out of people’e brains under great stress.

Read our blog for daily behavioural insights and tips.

We are offering critical webinars at heavily discounted prices and will donate 20% of all inccome during the pandemic to the International Red Cross/Crescent


We are offering webinars on the brain and productivity with a focus on virtual working and home office contexts.


There is nothing like crises for leaders to step up and respond rapidly, effectively, and humanely.  This is when leaders show their colours or fade away.


Stress, uncertainty, and pending doom, do strange but predictable things to the brain. Also other people step up to the plate. Learn what happens in people’s brains and how you can guide this.

Webinars for critical times

Building Agile Mindsets

Webinar + Online Learning Modules

 From July 10th 2020

Everyone is talking Agile but there are some obvious problems, doing Agile and being agile are very different things. Also many companies are trying to solve mindset issues with processes (which can be done).

We argue that being agile is the more important factor and this has little to do with the processes of Agile.

Your agile brain assessment is included in this module

$470  Special offer $170 

The Brain and Human Behaviour: Lessons for Leadership

Webinar + Online Learning Modules

 From 10th July 2020

Our latest, updated model of the brain and human behaviour, is a solid and robust scientific model of how human beings behave collectively and individually.

This is fo critical importance to leadership and business because this enable getting the best out of your employees and your organisation.

 $470 Special offer: $170 

The Brain and Unconscious Bias

Webinar + Online Learning Modules

Online modules from 10th July 2020

Recent developments and racial tensions (particularly in the USA) have thrown a light back on bias.

We have been talking on this for years – understanding how the brain encodes bias in everything we do, will help us make better decisions.

It won’t be easy – simple unconscious bias interventions have failed large scale – because they haven’t taken the brain seriously enough. We will show you the uncomfortable truth but also enable you to think of real action for real effect.

$470 Special offer: $170

with 20% donated to ICRC

Simple Stuff for Increased (virtual) Productivity


Thursday 9th July 2020
12:00-13:30 CET

How the brain focuses, gets distracted, and can be productive or not!

Particularly in virtual contexts, with work from home.

$170  Pandemic price $27

with 20% donated to ICRC

The Brain and Effective Crises Management

Free Webinar

Friday 10th July
15:00-16:00 CET

A brief introduction to how the brain responds to crises and what you can do for your own brain and leaders can do for their employees’ brains.

To get the best out of any crises.

How to be an Everyday Heroic Leader (in times of crises)


Monday 13th July
19:00-21:00 CET

Heroes have eight critical personality traits – do you have them and can you use your strengths to be an everday hero? We explore the science behind heroes and how you can step up and be more heroic.

Particularly apt in times of great stress and upheaval.

$170 Pandemic price: $27

with 20% donated to ICRC

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